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Cleanhands – Double Pack

Cleanhands is a refillable, mobile hand sanitizer with convenient clip to protect you when and where you need it.

Easily dispensed with a single hand and can be kept on any strap, belt, purse, backpack — anywhere you need safe and quick disinfection.

Filled with isopropyl alcohol sanitizer (75%), the cartridge dispenses up to 1,000 sprays per refill. 2 Cleanhands included in your order.

Dimension: L: 60mm, W: 23mm, H: 92mm
Weight: 2oz



How many sprays do you get the Cleanhands 2?
Each Cleanhands 2 gives you approximately 1,000 sprays.

What are the active ingredients?
Isopropyl alcohol 75%

What do the refills cost?
Refill bottles come in 4oz and 8oz sizes. The 4oz gives you 3 refills and the 8oz will give you 6 refills respectively. here.

Is it FDA approved?
Yes. The sanitizer solution that we use is FDA approved. It is also approved for the Materials Safety Data Sheet. We strive to provide the best products to fight the spread of infectious diseases that you can find anywhere. To this end we wish to let everyone know that we use only the highest quality materials and solutions we can find. Our Alcohol Solutions are made in Texas and do not contain any Methanol as mentioned in the recent news. We just want to reassure our customers that we will continue to provide safe and effective solutions to protect you and your loved ones.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Will it dry out my hands?
While it is a possibility, it will not dry out your hands more than your average hand sanitizing solution. Please contact us directly for more options, including a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer solution.

Will it stain my clothes?
It is a clear alcohol based hand sanitizing solution. While it is possible that it may damage some materials, it should not stain.

Which side does it wear?
The Cleanhands can be worn on anywhere on a belt or strap no more than 2.75 inches wide.

Does it come in a smaller size?

What other accessories are available for the Cleanhands?
You can wear the Cleanhands on your side (think pager for those can know or even remember what they are) or can be worn with a lanyard.

Active Ingredient: IPA 75% Produced in USA or BZK 0.13%

Length: 60mm 
Weight: 23mm
Height: 92mm
Weight: 2oz