Universal UV Light Sanitizer
for Handheld items and Devices
Touchless - Effective - Simple
Destroys over 99% of germs in under a minute.
You can clean any device that fits in the cradle.
2,400 germs on a pen !
Cleanpen is a pen holder and pen sanitizer.
Eliminates bacteria and common viruses.
Effective, safe, and simple to use.
Easy to use, convenient hand sanitizer that only take one hand to use.
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Cleanint® develops innovative products that help people lead cleaner, healthier lives. Products like Cleanpen®, Cleanhands®, Cleanstethoscope® and our newest product – CleanintUV®. All of our products are designed to minimize the spread of infection without getting in your way. At Cleanint, we believe “It’s Simple – It’s Clean”®.


Whether local, state or federal government we have a solution for cross contamination issues in today’s environment. Elections department throughout the country are struggling with how to keep voters safe in high capacity, limited room voting locations. Jails are worried about the prevalence of spreadable viruses and bacteria in small highly populated cells. Tax offices and DMV’s always have high traffic from citizen’s looking to pay taxes, register vehicles and keeping driving licenses valid. No matter the location or environment we have a solution for cross contamination issues facing us today.


Students in Kindergarten through High School in the US lose 22 million school days annually to the common cold and flu.1 Infectious disease accounts for millions of lost school days and cost the U.S. $120 billion a year.2,3 Our innovative Clean School program redirects the actions of both the students and staff to help create real change for the better.


Business travelers can't afford to get sick, that's why its smart to have Cleanint at sign-in, guest rooms or wherever pens or credit card terminals are used.


Infection is a growing epidemic that is placing a very serious burden on the medical industry. Most infections acquired in a hospital are unnecessary and could be prevented. Cleanint strives to provide unique solutions to help stop the spread of infection to make sure you get the best care possible.

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It's Simple - It's Clean

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