CleanintUV Offers an Infection Prevention Solution for Medical Waiting Rooms.

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Television remotes tend to harbor germs, whether they are located in a home, a hotel, or in a medical waiting room. In fact, since most remotes have not been designed for easy cleaning, remotes may harbor bacteria that spread infection, even in medical facilities that have professional cleaning crews. A study conducted by the University of Virginia on remote controls found that half of them tested positive for cold viruses. Unfortunately, germs can live for more than 24 hours on plastic surfaces.

Medical Waiting Rooms Ranked High on the List of Germiest Places

According to a Newsmax Health article, medical offices and waiting rooms have been ranked high on the list of germiest places. Since many sick individuals frequent these waiting rooms, surfaces in waiting rooms are teeming with bacteria, including magazines, toys, pens, and remote controls. While medical waiting rooms often make remotes available so individuals may easily change channels, those remotes may spread infection.

Studies show that the average adult may touch as many as 30 objects or surfaces within a single minute, which may include germ-harboring surfaces in a medical waiting room, such as doorknobs, light switches, and television remote controls. All it takes to spread sickness is for an adult to touch a contaminated doorknob or remote and then touch their face.

Infection Prevention with CleanRemoteUV

Medical facilities need to take measures to reduce the spread of infection. Since remotes often harbor germs in medical waiting rooms, some medical facilities have chosen to eliminate remotes from waiting rooms. However, by using CleanRemoteUV, facilities still may provide patients and family members with the convenience of entertainment without spreading sickness via contaminated remotes.

CleanRemoteUV, a product offered by Cleanint, cleans remotes, eliminating germs after each use. The device holds nearly any remote, quickly cleaning and disinfecting the remote when it is placed back in the device. The sleek, stylish device also looks nice with any medical waiting room décor.

Since the spread of infection is such a big concern in medical facilities, every measure possible should be taken to keep patients safe. CleanRemoteUV provides medical facilities with a cost-effective way to deal with dirty remotes, keeping patients protected as they wait for loved ones or for treatment.


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