Cleanint Product Listing

How does it work?
Smart sensors know when you have placed a device (remote, phone, etc.) into the CleanintUV. The door will close gently and the items inside the chamber will be exposed to UV light, killing all of the germs and viruses.

How long does it take to clean my device?
It takes 30 seconds for a complete cycle, though it can be increased to 2 minutes if desired.

Will I be exposed to UV light?
No. The CleanintUV has a safety mechanism that completely blocks UV light from being exposed. UV light is on when the door is completely shut.

What are the dimensions?
External Dimensions: – Height: 11 x 5 3/8 Width: 5 3/ x 11.0″ (27.94cm x 13.65cm)
Internal: CleanintUV can accept items that are 3.25″ x 7.75″ (8.25cm x 21.5cm) and smaller.

What happens if my finger or an object is in the way?

The CleanintUV has a safety feature similar to garage doors. If an object is too large or an item (finger for example) is in the way, you will feel a gentle pressure and it will gently reverse the door to the open position.

What accessories that come with it?

We include 3 accessories that can be attached to the inner chamber. Clip: Allows you to hang items such as keys. Ring: Place several pens or pencils to prevent small items from falling out. Tray: You can clean several items by putting one item on the top tray and another item in the main chamber.

How do I cancel the clean cycle?

Long press the top button will stop the cycle and the door will open.

I have placed the item into the CleanintUV and it doesn’t close.

In some circumstances the sensor is not detecting the item. You can press the top button or simply place your hand in the center for one second to begin the process. The cycle will start 3 seconds after an item has been detected.

Can I run it off of a USB battery?

The CleanintUV was designed to be plugged in but we have had users tell us used it with a USB brick. We cannot verify this.

Can I charge my phone while it is cleaning?

No. The 2 USB ports in the front (2.5A ) are designed to charge your devices. You need to disconnect your phone or device before placing it in the CleanintUV.

How long does the bulb last?

Bulb Life Lasts For Over 1 Million Cycles

What colors does it come in?

Black is the standard color.

Unit Dimensions

Length: 13.65cm
Width: 13.65cm
Height: 27.94cm

Interior Dimensions

Length: 8.89cm
Width: 8.89cm
Height: 19.69cm

Weight: 2.89oz